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Researching and developing market opportunities to achieve goals and drive growth is my expertise. As a consummate market and marketing manager, I bring fresh and innovative methodology to operations and business solutions while enhancing and improving the customer experience.

I am a dedicated leader with a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. My career has encompassed strategy and marketing positions in numerous industries, both private and public. My breadth of knowledge and industry experience allow me to continually produce significant return on investment.

An atmosphere of collaboration, humor and empathy is an ideal working environment in which I thrive. Having lived and worked abroad, I have an abundance of “life” experience to offer. I am fluent in two languages and possess a full understanding of LATAM and Hispanic cultures.

Throughout both my personal and professional life, I choose to “create and attract abundance.”

I look forward to connecting with you!

➨ Highly recommended, excellent work ethic
➨ Delivers Top Results
➨ Great strategist, Innovative Positioning
➨ Excels at integrating opportunities, products, and clients

● Market Positioning Strategy
● Brand & Product Penetration Market
● Financial Accountability / ROI
● Project Management
● Organizational Performance
● Channel Partnership Development
● Customer Experience Improvement
● Solutions Innovation
● Needs Analysis
● Market Awareness
● Multi-Departmental Collaboration
● Team Building / Leadership Development
● Human Capital Allocation