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BlueSentinel, Inc.

Doral, Florida, United States (On-Site)


Responsible for overseeing the implementation of external communication strategies. This includes managing external communication channels to include social media platforms, company websites and media relations, reviewing company newsletters, company news and activities and adhering to the company’s brand by publishing content and marketing materials. Responsible for many organizational and creative tasks to standardize and create a strategic communications framework in which the main company will build the engagement of its international target audience and shape his digital reputation. Collaborate with companies’ teams to identify the public voice of the brand or company handle by the company. Create style guides and brand voice outlines for all public relations, marketing, advertising, and other vital departments. Consult with executive management to develop effective communication procedures and policies for various situations or crises.

Develop communications guidelines to handle critical situations or communicational issues with any Bluesentinel’s companies. Perform communications research and monitor the progress of various communications strategies throughout the organization to monitor our company digital reputation. Create and design the annual digital communications plan for all the companies that Bluesentinel manages, determining channel, messages, frequency, and type of information. Develop and execute in media channels the way each Bluesentinel’s company interacts within its digital ecosystem.

Bachelor’s degree in communications, business administration, marketing, or related field of study. Three years of experience in a communications, public relations, or marketing management position. Experience must include logistics, distribution, sales, and strategic marketing related to product development and commercialization. Experience with strategic marketing relating to products in Latin America also required. Travel 30-40% to New York, NY and Milan, Italy.

Send resumes to Michael Moriarty, BlueSentinel, Inc., 110 E 25th Street, New York, NY 10010.

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