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I am a passionate about Experiential Marketing with results in the world of business. I am convinced that only through emotions and creating memorable experiences we connect better and leave a mark on communities, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the offline or online life. During the last years, hand in hand with a great team, we achieved a disruptive innovation in the United States and Latin America through our 2 (two) own digital platforms:

I. Penta Cosmos: Platform for events (3D virtual, hybrid and physical). Our own Metaverse!
II. Penta Incentives: The easiest and safest way to manage incentive, Loyalty and Rewards programs, along with motivation aimed at work teams anywhere in the world.

Penta Marketing has won more than 30 international awards for successful marketing campaigns.

I am honored to be a board member of the American Marketing Association (AMA), the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and co-founder of the Colombian Association of BTL Agencies. I am a International Speaker and franchised in Dominican Republic of EXMA Global, Also proud member of 40+ League.

On a personal level, I am passionate about soccer, horse riding, skiing, good music and spending time with my family. My wife Silvia, my two children, Gabriela and Sebastián, besides being my great motivation, are my great teachers in life.

If you love Marketing, or have an interest in any of these hobbies I would like to connect with you and share our experiences.